FRSP Client Referrals

We are dedicated to supporting refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced trauma to improve their mental health and well-being through therapy.

Referral criteria (FRSP Liverpool)

Potential clients must be either refugees or seeking asylum, with at least one child under 18.

The project is for families where one or more individuals experience mental health difficulties such as severe mood disturbances, severe symptoms of the psychological effects of trauma or severe psychosomatic symptoms that may interfere with their functioning and/ or family relationships.

Potential clients will be assessed on their interest in improving relationships and functioning in the family.

Potential clients will be assessed on their capacity/willingness to attend weekly therapy support in a garden or allotment setting. 

We are taking referrals and they can be made via the link below:



Who can refer?

Any professional working with child or parent.

Individuals as “self-referrals” (Anyone making a self-referral should be aware the assessment process will involve contact with the family G.P. where there is one, and/ or other health professionals involved with the family).

Referrals to FRSP Spinning World

These can be made via this link: