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The impact of war and conflict around the world reflects the changing numbers and demographics of people coming to Europe seeking sanctuary. 

The Home Office statistics at March 2018 below show that the UK receives just over 6% of all asylum applications to the EU.

Top EU countries receiving asylum applications, year ending March 2018

Country of application Total applications
Germany 179,000
Italy 121,400
France 102,900
Greece 50,000
United Kingdom (Home Office data) 33,600
Spain 33,300

Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/immigration-statistics-year-ending-march-2018/


Asylum applications by nationality

According to Home Office statistics, the nationalities with the largest number of asylum applications in the year ending March 2020 were:

The total number of applications in the year ending March 2020 across the UK was 35099.  The data below is an extract of the top 5 countries only.  The chart shows nationalities by all asylum claimants.

  • Iranian (4,741)
  • Albanian (3,467)
  • Iraqi (2,696)
  • Pakistani (1848)
  • Eritrean (1,846)